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ADIT represented at IFA Congress in Rome

The presence of the Advanced Diploma in International Taxation (ADIT) at the 64th annual International Fiscal Association (IFA) Congress, held in Rome from 29 August to 3 September.The booth was staffed by Jonathan Perry and Irene Redman from the CIOT and generated a tremendous amount of interest with many delegates taking the time to stop at the ADIT booth to ask questions to better understand how the qualification can add value to an international tax professional.

The conference was attended by nearly 2,000 international tax professionals from over 70 countries worldwide. The main objective of exhibiting at the congress was to raise the profile of the qualification with senior decision makers in the international tax arena, and to encourage interested international tax professionals to register for the qualification.

Two members of the ADIT Academic Board, Kees van Raad and Philip Baker, manned the stand on two separate occasions during the conference. Both provided invaluable assistance helping to generate genuine interest from many senior international tax professionals and academics.

There was particular interest from the Latin American, Chinese and Indian delegates, and from delegates wanting to partner with their domestic tax associations and potentially proposing an option paper for their home country. Interest was also shown from the commercial world, with the international tax directors of Unilever and Microsoft both stopping atthe stand for more information.

On the back of the success of the IFA conference and the positive feedback that was received we are looking forward to exhibiting and promoting ADIT at future international tax conferences and seminars.



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