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ADIT: Advanced Diploma in International Taxation

ADIT, the Advanced Diploma in International Taxation, is a specialist, advanced qualification in international and cross-border taxation and is suitable for all professionals. The ADIT Qualification provides the opportunity to prove and improve your own or your team's credentials as an International Tax Professional.

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June 2015 exam results

Pass lists for the June 2015 exams are available to download here.

The benefits of gaining the Qualification are:
  • a Global benchmark of quality and an independent means of demonstrating international tax knowledge and ability
  • Portability - wherever you want to take your career
  • Demonstration of your expertise in multiple countries and international tax subjects

“Having worked in International Tax for a few years, I thought it would be good to strengthen, formulate and progress my understanding further by enrolling and completing the ADIT examinations. I decided with the background that I had in the International Tax area that I would complete the examinations in one sitting, this was challenging, hard work and enabled a clearer understanding of the some of the principals of International tax which I believe were helpful inpractice. I would recommend those seriously wanting to pursue a career in this field to undertake this study.”

- Gurthian Ghotra, Tax Director - McCormick Europe

Additional benefits include:

  • Joining a growing global network of over 2,200 ADIT students, Graduates and International Tax Affiliates in over 100 different countries and territories - every continent, major market centre, and every business sector represented;
  • Being entitled to put the designatory letters 'ADIT' after your name;
  • The opportunity to become an International Tax Affiliate of The Chartered Institute of Taxation.

A variety of study options are available internationally: distance learning courses, self-study courses and classroom learning courses. Exams are available twice per year, in June and December, at locations in over 40 countries around the world.

Tax jurisdictions and subjects currently covered include Australia, China, Cyprus, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Malta, Singapore, the UK, the USA, EU Direct Tax, EU VAT, Transfer Pricing, and Upstream Oil and Gas. Exams can be sat using either handwritten or on-screen methods.

For more information please visit the Why Do ADIT?


To register as an ADIT student, please click here. Full instructions on completing your ADIT registration can be found here.


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