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Application Forms

You may apply to register as a student or submit an exam entry online. If you are unable to complete the online forms for these processes, downloadable forms are also provided at the bottom of this page.

The only pre-condition for registration is the possession of an e-mail address.

The deadline for submission of student registrations and renewals for students planning to sit ADIT exams in December 2014 is 31 July 2014. The deadline for December 2014 exam entries is 8 September 2014.

You must be a currently registered ADIT student to enter for the exams. Do not submit an exam entry without first registering as an ADIT student.

Applicants will be welcomed from all parts of the world and residence in the UK is not necessary in order to register.

An application for student registration must be submitted with a fee of £185. Student registration will be valid for five years.

ADIT exam entry fees in 2014 are £170 per paper. The ADIT thesis registration fee is £170.

Do not make any direct bank transfer payment to our bank account without submitting to us the relevant application form and the bank transfer form below. We may be unable to allocate such payments to the correct individual.

The Diploma Committee reserves the right to refuse or cancel any application for student registration without assigning any reason to the refusal or cancellation.


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